“Say Hi, Carmen!”

Hey guys! I got so excited about my new blog that I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Carmen and I’m new to the world of blogging! Wow, what a great way to just broadcast that I’m new, right?! haha Anyway, I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time, but never really had time for it. Okay! Fine. I kept procrastinating! :/ BUT, now I finally put one together and I’m so happy! I’m sure you don’t want to here my oh so interesting story about how and why I started this blog, so I’ll give you the shorter version 🙂

It’s strange actually! I used to be SUCH a tomboy when I was younger! I always wore black/dark jeans with t-shirts and tennis shoes. OMG not even like converses. LEGIT TENNIS SHOES!!!! like the one’s we wore back in middle school for P.E. -_-” I can’t even….*shakes head* Well, THANK GOD! I got through that phase, but my sense of fashion never really picked up until I finally started using makeup and got more girly I guess! haha Watching Youtube videos, looking at fashion and makeup blogs. Yeah, that’s when it all started!!! Even though 9 out of 10 stories about start up fashion and beauty blogs started the same way………this is my story 🙂

Oh. And I chose the name of my blog to be Shine, not Glimmer, because I feel that every person needs to, just like it says, Shine! Don’t just live through life as a faint glimmer. YOU NEED TO SHINE!!!!

Now that I’m done with the cheesiness,

Thanks for reading!


Summer Makeup Routine 2012

Here in Hong Kong, it already feels like summer! Humid and hot, hot, HOT! Think Florida, yeah? I usually live in California, where it’s more dry and less hot (AKA less sweat throughout the day), but now that I’m here, I definitely need to switch to a more summery makeup routine!



1. Kirkland Brand – Powder Brush

2. E.L.F – Powder Brush

3. Lioele – Water Drop BB Cream

4. Laura Mercier – Foundation Primer

5. Laura Mercier – Translucent Pressed Setting Powder

6. MAC – Creme Color Base in Pearl

7. MAC – Blush in Melba

8. MAC – Studio Finish Concealer in NW20

9. Giorgio Armani – Brow Defining Pencil in 3

10. K-Palette – Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H

11. YSL – Touche Eclat in #2

12. Urban Decay – Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Love Child

Sorry! Forgot to number the last brush

13. Kirkland Brand – Contour Kabuki

This is definitely my go-to as of right now! My skin is oils up really quickly and this routine has kept my oiliness at bay, other than my nose getting a bit shiny, for 7 hours without any touchups needed! Amaaaaazing! 🙂 The Lioele Water Drop BB Cream gives practically no coverage, but it does even out my skin tone a bit. So if you have acne scarring and some redness like I do, you can definitely still use this with a good concealer!

I know it seems like quite a bit of products for the summer, but each product, I use minimally! I don’t like to be smothered with makeup in the hot and humid weather either!

More detailed reviews coming soon ❤

Remember! Let’s shine, not glimmer!